Every business has their own view or understanding on Renewable Energy. For One Team Energy, we firmly believe that the world is consuming natural resources at an alarming and unsustainable rate. We believe that we have a moral obligation to step in and make a change to the way we view and consume energy. With the amazing technical advances made in the last decade and some brilliant forward thinking, a lot of these pioneered in Australia, we are ready to team up with your business to set but exceed your Renewable Energy Targets.

This can be achieved through a wide range of installation options including Solar PV, Wind Generation, Bio Generators or a combination of all 3.

At One Team Energy, we believe that it takes the whole team, not just a couple of players, to change the way we use energy in our day to day lives. This has proven to be a great team building exercise and a way of connecting people in the workplace as we try to achieve this goal.

We can run effective and interactive seminars at your workplace to change the way your team members view their consumption of energy in the workplace. We offer free assessments of your site and a range of energy saving options including lighting control systems and adjusting power usage on devices. We can give your team real time data targets that we can exceed together. We also take the next step of offering your team discounts to continue this service into their own homes.

All the above is great, however a One Team Renewable Energy System has another important feature. Over a period of time, as outlined in your customized proposal, it is a brilliant financial move. Over the long run, this will not only save your business money, but can generate its own income and once the investment has paid for itself, can save your business thousands of dollars a year. We have a financial team that can assist in finance should this be required to enable you to pay this off over time without an upfront investment.

All One Team Energy Systems are installed by our own Clean Energy Council qualified team members. We do not sub contract works out to a 3rdparty installer. You get our team. From sales to installation to training, we are here with you through the journey to change our world for the better.

OneTeam’s renewable energy website – www.one-team.com.au